Flu Vaccine: 2021

Fall in North Texas means football, autumn leaves, and a welcome break from the summer heat. It also means it's time to get your annual FLU VACCINE!

The flu (influenza) vaccine is recommended for all adults, especially for those who are over age 65 or who have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or any other condition that might make recovery from influenza more difficult. Even if you are at low risk from the flu, we are strongly recommending the vaccine this year (the symptoms of the flu are very similar to those of Covid, and we want to minimize confusion during the lingering Covid epidemic).

A few important facts about the flu vaccine:

  • The ideal time to get the flu vaccine is in the fall (October—December) so that it can take effect before the peak of flu season (usually late December—March)
  • Unlike some Covid vaccines, the flu shot is a single-dose vaccine given each year; repeat doses and boosters are not needed in the same year
  • Like the Covid vaccine, you can still get the flu after getting the flu vaccine, but your chances are better and if you do get the flu, it is likely to be less severe
  • Unfortunately, the flu vaccine does not protect against the "common cold", which also comes around in the winter

At Academic Medical Associates, we offer flu vaccines for our established patients. Please call us at (972) 445-9515 to schedule a time for your vaccine.