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Pursuing a Healthier Lifestyle

Wellness is the process of maintaining good health through lifestyle choices. Taking time to address wellness will improve your overall health and increase your defenses against injury and disease.

According to the National Wellness Institute, there are six dimensions to wellness:

  • Emotional – Mental health plays a large role in your overall health and wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, and depression take their physical toll. Taking time to address and understand your feelings is an important component of wellness.
  • Physical – Exercising and a healthy diet are critical to any wellness plan. For optimal wellness, you’ll need to keep track of what you put in your body as well as your vascular health, vital signs, and fitness level.
  • Occupational – It’s hard to match the feeling of personal fulfillment one finds when they apply their talents to a productive activity. Whether through your job or your hobby, it’s important to have a work endeavor that aligns with your values and personal goals.
  • Social – People were not meant to live in isolation. Even the most introverted among us need human interaction. Building a stable circle of friends or family will make you feel more invested in your own wellness as well as that of your community.
  • Intellectual – When was the last time you took time to indulge your creative side? Everyone has a unique sense of intellectual curiosity. Take time to challenge and expand your mind through mental-focused activities.
  • Spiritual – This is an important component of wellness whether you are religious or not; spirituality can take many forms. It’s important to feel like your life has some purpose. This can manifest in many different ways. Even something as simple as living for the moment can improve your spiritual wellness.

Benefits of Custom Wellness Plans in Irving

Our custom preventative wellness plans can significantly enhance long-term health by addressing individual health needs and risk factors. Tailored plans often include health screenings, personalized nutrition and exercise regimens, and proactive measures to manage chronic conditions. By focusing on prevention, these plans can help detect health issues early, leading to timely interventions and improved treatment outcomes. Furthermore, they promote holistic well-being, fostering healthier lifestyle choices, stress management, and mental health support. Ultimately, these plans empower individuals to take control of their health, promoting longevity and overall quality of life.

Improve Your Wellness with Our Knowledgeable Team

At Academic Medical in Irving, TX, we can help you work on all of the core components of wellness. Our services extend beyond treating injuries and illnesses—we want to help our patients stay healthy through positive lifestyle choices. Start taking steps today to prevent chronic diseases and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Call Academic Medical Associates today at (972) 445-9515 to learn more about our wellness programs in Irving, TX.

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