Waiting Room

How to find your ideal primary care doctor

In a small medical office, primary care doctors can help you feel welcome and comfortable.

Internal Medicine doctors in Irving, TX, Stephen Pratt, MD and Janani Krishnaswami, MD, MPH, began with a dedication to communication and patient education. Our goal at Academic Medical Associates,is to work with our patients over a long period of time, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to actively manage their own medical conditions. To do this, we have tailored our practice philosophy to function in a small office where our doctors and staff can best work one-on-one with our patients.

Sometimes, healthcare today can seem a bit "industrial", dominated by big institutions. Large groups are established to provide a broad range of services in one place, offering one-stop-shopping for their patients' needs.

However, people often feel frustrated or disconnected in a mega-practice. Walking into a large waiting room filled with dozens of people can feel intimidating and lacking in privacy. It is easy to feel "like a number" when trying to explain your medical needs to a new staff person every time you have a doctor's appointment.

What are the advantages of a small office?

In a small medical office like Academic Medical, you enter through a waiting room that feels more like a living room in a friend’s home than a bus station, making you immediately feel welcome and relaxed. You will likely see the same office staff every time, developing a sense of friendship and familiarity. And, being a small office, the atmosphere has a lot more privacy than a typical large office. Also, our office is close to your home in Irving, Southlake, Colleyville or Grapevine. For your convenience, you can see when doctors are available online and quickly schedule an appointment time.

What are the disadvantages of a small office?

Being a small medical office, we are not able to provide add-on services like lab and x-ray that big offices can. However, we have arrangements with lab and x-ray providers who are literally right across the street, so we are able to provide our patients with the care they need in a timely manner.

What are some things that are the same, big or small?

One thing that is usually the same in every doctor's office, big or small, is the cost. The physician fees are generally set by your insurance plan or Medicare and will be the same no matter which office you go to.

Ultimately, healthcare comes down to one doctor in one room with one patient. That fundamental principle is the same wherever you go.

If you are looking for a primary care provider in the Irving area, and the idea of a small, friendly medical office appeals to you, please contact us at Academic Medical Associates to find out more.